Pictures from Hannover, Germany - 18-20.05.2001

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1.5 cc medals


2.5 cc medals


5.0 cc medals


10.0 cc medals


3.5 cc medals - Jessica Sott, gold - new German record!


Friday, 18.05, training day


Hannover track


Urs Bach, Jan-Erik Falk and Helge Eriksson


Harald Arlautzki


Guest from USA - Rich Democh


Nils Björk and Stuart Robinson


Horst Denneler and Anette Rischer


Thomas Finn and Paul-Otto Ströbel


Ernst Huber


Mart Sepp


Wilfried Sott


Lembit Vaher and Peter Arlautzki


Helge Eriksson


Urs Bach


Urs Bach - perfect run


Alfred Kirschner


Friedrich Strümpel


Leif Persson, Jan-Erik Falk and Nils Björk


Manuel Finn - well done


David Giles - new national record!


Mart Sepp and Roger James - new national record holder


piston failure


Lembit Vaher and Thomas Finn - after competition






first time in Hannover - Rich Democh, David Giles, Roger James and Stuart Robinson


saturday evening - Pistenfest