Looking for used, but fast 10cc car without an engine.




Looking for original Picco body for class 5 (10cc).



Class 5 (10cc) car. Engine not required.


KAPU 1,5cc engine!
Please mail



Is that anyone who have some parts for STL 2.5 cc. Cylinder,used or new 3 or 4 ports,
a few rods and some chrankshaft.



For sale 

NEW!!!  Class 4 (5cc) NEW modelcar for sale.


Modelcar is ready-to-run, FEMA No 2406. With spare engine - ready-to-run.

Price 4000€. Contact:


For sale 

Class1 (1.5cc) modelcar for sale.
Modell Krieger, Engine KAPU, Pipe Savinich (copy KAPU), Gearbox 1:1,207, body builds cnc milled from full Aluminium, Top Carbon. From 2018.

Price 2200€ plus post. Contact:


For sale 

Class 4 (5cc) modelcar for sale:

- Novarossi engine

- Gear ratio: 1:1,93

- Stelling stainless pipe

- FEMA nr 1711

For price and additional information please contact:


For sale 

For sale. Class 3 (3.5cc) modelcar with Novarossi engines.

Price - 3000 EUR



For sale 

For sale. Class 2 (2.5cc) modelcar. FEMA licence no 756. Made by Andrei Usanov.

Gear ratio 1:2.07

Engine - Usanov, pipe - Stelling-Usanov, gearbox - Usanov

Price - 3000 EUR without second engine, 3500 EUR with second engine. Engine separately - 800 EUR

For additional information please contact:


For sale 

3 pieces of old chassis 2.5 ccm.
Price: 250 Euro + post

For sale 

- customization of lightweight top + bottom for Picco 10cc. Carbon-integrated aluminum frame.
All Picco parts are suitable for assembly. The finished set weighs 700-750 grams. Price - 1600 euros.

- repair your cracked Picco bottoms. Lightweight and integrated into carbon. The price is 1200 euros.

For any questions -

For sale

New series of piston/cylinder sets for LST-STL 2,5cc engine. Precision series, manually controlled-adjusted. Can be ordered with oil channel on the lower hole of connecting rod.

For further information, please contact:


For sale

Class 4 modelcar (5cc), new!

Price - 2500 EUR

For further information, please contact:


For sale

Lysak pipe for 3.5cc (dia - 33mm)

Price - 100 EUR

For further information, please contact:


For sale

Two 1.5cc engines for sale.


For further information, please contact:


For sale

Two KAPU 1.5cc engines. Both are in Top condition.


For sale

Titanium bridles for Class 5 (10ccm) models.
The bridles are compliant to the new rules. Customization is possible based on supplied drafts. The material used is Gr5 titanium.




For sale

Pipes from stainless steel for 10cc engine with inside dia 2 x 44mm and 46,6 mm 


Price - 120 EUR.

For additional information please contact:


For sale

Brand new GO 21 engine

Price - 50 EUR plus postage.

For additional information please contact:


For sale

Partial kit for Zetterstrom Ferrari
Ted Maciag


Tuned exhaust pipe set

Made by Edvard Stelling. Probably the last serie.

Pipe set from stainless steel

For 3.5cc - dia 32mm, for 3.5cc - dia 35mm and for 5cc

Pipe set from anodised aluminium

For 1.5cc engine, for 2.5cc engine, for 3.5cc engine - dia 32mm and for 3.5cc engine - dia 35mm

For additional information please contact:


Class 4 (5cc) car

Modelcar with FEMA licence no 1606. Assembled in 2015. Best result so far 293 kmh. Gear ratio 1:2.07

Engine: NovaSolo  Pipe: Stelling  Gearbox: Denneler

Price - 1900 EUR

For additional information please contact:


Class Junior (2,1cc) car

Assembled in 2016. Best result so far 199 kmh. Gear ratio 1:1.93 Engine - Novarossi

Price - 900 EUR

For additional information please contact:


Merlin 2017-10 Globee plugs 

on a turbo body (M8x0.75), this glow plug is very successful when used in tuned pipe equipped engines running no nitro 80/20fuel. Typically events such as tethered cars, hydro's and F3D pylon racing. This element when used in pylon racing was used by the 2013 F3D World Champion.

Also available Nelson Style plugs with either Globee or conventional coils and turbo style plugs with conventional coils.

2017-10 £5.35 each or 10 for £49.95, paypal accepted at


email technical enquiries to


Gears for class 3b car

Gears for class 3b cars with gear ratio 1:2,41  1:2,35  1:2,29  1:2,16 and 1:2,05.

Gear set can be made with one main gear and several pinion gears.

Special requests are welcome.

Gears are heat treated (+nitrided).

Price for one set (two gears) - 45 EUR

For additional information please contact:


Universal pan!

Additional information here - .pdf


5cc engine parts

Pipe from stainless steel "Stelling" for 5cc engine with adapters - 180 EUR

5cc engine "Aksimov" with one spare piston/liner set - 450 EUR

5cc piston/liner set "Stelling" - 100 EUR



Bridles from Titanium

I make titanium bridles in various sizes (with thicknesses of 2,5mm, 3mm, 4mm or 5mm). 

Also, everything can be ordered according to your custom specifications. 

Aerodynamic profiling possible!

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail!




GADO 2,5 R speed model car engine:

The engine can be fitted into any STL-2,5 powered car as the main dimensions of the two engines are identical.
Piston and cylinder is Ukranian Profi 2,5 F12A and the cylinder is made of beryllium-bronze alloy.
STL piston/cylinder set is also compatible, but not available.
The engine comes with Zimmerman valve or with traditional rotating valve if needed.


Vintage car for sale:

Built: 1978 in Hungary

OPS engine

Price: 850 EUR + shipping.



Castings for sale:

1.  3,5 - 5 ccm          Length: 465 mm , width: 56 mm   Price: 145 Euro + post

2.  2,5- 3,5 ccm        Length: 425 mm , width: 53 mm   Price: 120 Euro + post    

Please contact:



Monza (Class III FEMA) tyres for sale for STL type wheels!!!
Outer tyre diameter: 84.5 mm

Price for one tyre: 5 Euro without shipping

Contacts: Linas Adomavicius -


-  !! ATTENTION !!

TOP ABC 10ccm Cylinder & Piston with chinese Eyes for PICCO EXR

using by Champions

P.O. Ströbel        &        W. Röder

World record            European Champion

Exhaust timing in 190° or 196°

Piston from PEAK material (30% Silicon)

Price: Euro 150.- with 1 piston

            Euro 180.- with 2 Pistons

Please contact:


-  exhaust pipes for 1.5cc, 2.5cc, 3.5cc, 4.66cc, 5.0cc and 10cc engines. CNC-made from Aluminium and/or stainless steel (race-controlled quality).

Please contact:



- for new Picco 10,0 cm3 engine:

       - crankshaft - 40$

       - zimmermann, both rigid and floating, diam. 41 mm and 45 mm - 75$

       - zimmermann for OPS 3 modifications - 70$



Hallo tether car racers,

I am looking for a 10 ccm alu tuned pipe for my new 10 ccm speed engine.

Michael Jakob




Engine 3.5cc - 250 EUR, liners from NR will suit. Gearbox without wheels - 250 EUR, gearbox with wheels - 300 EUR. Gear ratios - 27/14 and 27/13